Hydrojetting? Is it a jet boat? An extremely fast jet powered sea plane?

Every so often a client will ask “What exactly is Hydrojetting?” I will quickly break it down to one word that all too often is not used. “Hydro scrubbing.”

Hydrojetting is a procedure that utilizes water delivered at high pressure to open clogged pipes as well as rejuvenate and rehabilitate these pipes. Sometimes the drain, sewer or utility line is clogged with grease, mud, sand, or construction materials and typical drain rooter machines are not strong enough to break through the blockage. Or they simply pass right through the blockage while not opening the clog. Think of the clog like quicksand. These types of blockages are known as “soft blockage.”

A Hydrojetting machine is designed to deliver an amazingly effective combination of highly pressurized water at various GPM (Gallons Per Minute) to sweep or scrub out the line. Therefore, I prefer the term Hydro scrubbing but that is just me.

Jetting technology has been available for over three decades and has vastly improved on all levels. One is the availability to connect a high-resolution camera at the business end of the jetting unit to insure a thorough cleaning of the affected pipe. This is especially useful in the removal of roots from sewer and drainage systems.

Hydrojetters are also the first step in the pipeline restoration and rehabilitation process known as CIPP lining. The tremendous cleaning effect provided by the jetting is necessary for the liner to properly adhere to the interior of pipes.

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