Air Conditioning  Repairs in Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Maintain and Restore Your Air Conditioning Systems

Your Air Conditioning units aren’t meant to last forever. In fact on average they will last anywhere from 8-12 years.  However, regular maintenance and quality repairs can extend the lifetime of your heating and cooling units. Occasionally your unit will require repairs and when that happens our two decades of experience can make a huge difference.

Rely on us to do the following:

  • Assess the repairs needed
  • Provide honest assessment and options based on your needs
  • Quote a fair price
  • Repair the unit
  • Clean up and make sure you are satisfied with our work
  • Explore the best options to meet your needs

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Get Annual Maintenance

Don’t wait until your heating or cooling unit stops working in the dead of winter or the middle of summer. Scheduling regular maintenance can help you avoid larger issues down the road. Regular maintenance can help you fore see any issues you may have had.

Call Hydrotek at (805) 201-8128 to chat with us about the benefits of annual maintenance.

Squeezed me in for a super fast response, and speedy diagnosis of A/C failure. The needed replacement capacitor was in the truck and was installed and temperature under control within 20 minutes. The owner also assured me that there’s no reason to consider replacing the nearly 20 year old unit for the foreseeable future. Great service, friendly and professional, a decent price, and helpful advice. Money well spent!
6-12-2019, Robert M.