Drain Cleaning Services in Santa Barbara, Ventura and the Surrounding Areas

Drain Cleaning

Drains and sewers always seem to back up at the worst possible time. These backups if not relieved quickly can result in serious flooding and water damage not to mention sewage extraction. When you call HYDROTEK typically we can navigate you through a relief procedure before we ever arrive to your house or site location. This can significantly reduce the exposure to potential water and property damage as well as the high costs of restoration. Often, we are asked “Are you a Rooter Company?” The simple answer is no. Although we do offer Rooter and Drain Cleaning Services, we are very experienced plumbing company.

When you have a backup, we will arrive well equipped and highly trained to neutralize your backup safely and quickly. You will not get a technician that has to call out a supervisor halfway through the job only to have the supervisor salesman show up with a camera to up- sell the original advertised service and price. We do not engage in these practices. So, when you see an attractive ad, mailer or coupon be mindful of this tactic.

Our experts are the best. We understand that backups are extremely annoying as well as hazardous. Whatever your situation we are there to help get you draining again without draining your wallet!


Is your drain not working? Our team is here to help. Call Hydrotek at (805) 201-8128 to get a free estimate or schedule a repair!