Slab Leak Services in Santa Barbara, Ventura and the Surrounding Areas

Slab Leaks

Have you ever noticed a warm spot on the concrete floor? How about an outrageous water or gas utility bill? Chances are then that you have experienced a slab leak. Many structures have buried domestic hot and cold-water supply lines under the concrete floor. Usually when this happens it’s a wet carpet or flooring that alert you to a problem. Other times, as mentioned you may receive a higher than normal utility bill. And then there’s always the cat or dog that never naps on the floor suddenly has a favorite warm spot on the concrete. Whatever the triggers we can accurately pin down the exact location of the leak. Just because the water appears to be rising out of the floor in one spot doe’s does not guarantee that’s where the leak is. Water will obviously migrate to the lowest point and surface. Getting leak detection service done will determine the best and most effective repair options for you. So, when you wake up and are heading to pour that first cup of coffee and find your slippers are soaked give us a call!

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